The idea: Building Bridges

The Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering of ETH Zürich fosters a particular blend of scientists, including researchers from disciplines such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Engineering. It is strategically located in Basel, which is providing it with an exceptional closeness to major players in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

Nevertheless, being one of the youngest departments of ETHZ and the only one located in Basel – and not on the main ETH campus – leads its members to have additional needs when it comes to industry exposure. Collaborations with the private sector are common and promoted among ETHZ’s laboratories (e.g. through the ETHZ’s Industry Day); professors are often in close contact with industry partners for relevant projects, patent-related matters or funding questions.

D-BSSE meets Industry therefore aims at a less senior level of people, including students, PhD students, postdocs and other researchers. Indeed, the reality is that many of them will move into industry at some point in their career. Discussions with fellow students have led us to believe that an increased industry exposure would be of great interest to the members of the D-BSSE. The benefits would range from more support when it comes to the identification of potential career paths to an increase in the industry’s awareness of our department for future cooperations.

Therefore the idea took up to organize industry talks and career-guiding events directly here in Basel. This idea was reinforced by the fact that many high-quality activities of this type take place in Zurich but are in the form of short talks or encounters (90 minutes Telejob information events, “Career Sandwiches” or “Career Breakfasts”), making regular attendance harder for off-campus located ETHZ members.

To summarize, D-BSSE meets industry aims at increasing industry exposure of D-BSSE members by organizing industry or career-oriented events, while at the same time promoting the D-BSSE to industry, other Basel research institutes and a broader public.