Agenda – meeting on Monday 22.02.2016

Dear all,

Since our next meeting will be next Monday, 12:00 in the Iselin meeting room, here is a draft of the agenda:
(feel free to complete it)

  • Update: Allwyn leaving
  • Next Event
    • Go through to do list (always the same – should be fast)
    • 40/90 subsciptions after first info mail, 4 confirmed and instructed speakers
    • No alumnis registered from the Alumni Organization announcement – please brainstorm your personal contacts
      Complete the Excel list on the dropbox under Planning and Talk material/2016_03_09 ETH Alumni Event
  • Other next events updates
    • Stiftung Benefit – Please add the link to the website (BG) announcement in mid-March
    • McKinsey – asked Conrad to let me know for sponsoring money, description of who is coming at end of March
    • Event in July with entrepreneur (Ulf Grawunder, if there)?
    • Enkelejda’s contact – Thomas Schlitt – directly connected to Audrey – wrote but no aswer yet
    • InSphero – propositions for other startup: e.g. Polyneuron Pharmaceuticals was proposed after the first event on feedback form (would need to ask if via Daniel Auerbach)
    • Anything more engineering? (Like imaging, sensors, microfluidics, diagnostics…)
  • Visit’s subteam
    • Summary of questionnaire results
    • Summary of activities (call/visit to Volker)
    • Other ideas
  • Student/Trainee group organizing the life science party
    • DBM, Biozentrum, D-BSSE, FMI, Roche, Novartis
    • Other activities discussed: institute crawl, bigger career event aimed at all institutes
  • Other updates


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