Agenda 06.07.2018

Dear all,

Please find the agenda for the meeting on Wednesday 06.07.2018. We meet at 12:00 in the Tinguely meeting room.

If you have additional points, please feel free to add them to the agenda

  • Last Event: BRAIN’s Taste Cell Technology – From molecular to human perception
    • Feedback
  • Next Event: The power of partnering and external innovation
  • Future Events:
    • Twist Bioscience, possible date 05.09.2018 (PR)
    • Basler und Hofmann in November (PK)
    • Entrepreneur form ParisĀ  in January (JD)
  • Miscellaneous
    • How to advertise events on the BSSE web page
    • E-Mail to department for future events/sommer break
    • When should we meet again after summer break?