BaselArea.Swiss – Basel Microfluidics Matchmaking & Networking Event

Tue, 12.09.2017 @10:00
in SUD
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About the event

Here the event description

The Microfluidics Matchmaking & Networking 2017 Event in Basel offers contacts to industry and science professionals who are looking for potential partners in Switzerland, the Netherlands and other neighboring countries to ensure sustainable business development and growth. Funding opportunities for R&D cooperation projects will be explained by the Eurostars representatives from the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Keynote presentations will be given by Prof. Dr. Andrew deMello from the Institute for Chemical and Bioengineering at ETH Zurich and by Dr. Luc Gervais, CEO and Founder of 1Drop Diagnostics.

More information here

Participation at the Basel Microfluidics Matchmaking & Networking Event is free of charge. Registration via this link is compulsory until September 8th 2017.