BaselArea.Swiss – Webilea Event: The new local heroes

Wed, 06.09.2017 @18:30
in SUD
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About the event

Here the description:

Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and the likes are ruling the world (at least the digital part
of it). A closer look on the screen of our smartphones reveals a somehow different picture: Where do you buy your train ticket, look up the weather forecast or find the next best party? Right. All business is local and this is even more true since concerns about the concentration of data (and power) within few global players rise.

At our next webilea event you will find out more about why there is a reasonable chance that the next wave of digitization will be driven by local heroes and hear from entrepreneurs how they want to make their business case strive.

Presentations will include:

  • Philipp Bärfuss, the former CTO of Magnolia and founder of «woowai» and his business partner Christian Baechler, a digital marketeer and storyteller, will show why digital business ideas tend to fail and how proven methods can maximize the chances of success.
  • Jonas Schwarz will talk about his new venture, mAsk, a free app, which allows users to ask questions and receive answers from verified users.
  • Fabrizio Fracassi will present his participatory media and online networking application, Fuel, and tell us what it can do for education and personal training – as well as for fun.
  • Maxime Vitrey will present you the Papott solution which will unleash human interactions in events and anywhere else.

Registration is free of charge but compulsory by 4 September.

More information on their website.