BOOST your imp!act Basel

Wed, 21.10.2015 - Sat, 24.10.2015 All day
in Voltahalle
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About the event

BOOST your imp!act is a workshop from euforia which is co-organized by the office for sustainability of University of Basel. Its aim is to enable the development of initiatives having a positive impact on people’s local environment (for more details, see below). The workshop is planned to be mainly in German, however if there are people who do not speak German there will be some translations in English by the organizing team as well as between participants.

Important note: as a D-BSSE PhD student, you can get credits for this workshop, if you bring the participation certificate to the department coordinator.


You want to make a difference but don’t know where to start? You’ve already got plenty of ideas but lack the confidence or team to implement them? Or even better, you got no ideas and would like to come up with your own and/or connect with fresh ideas from others? Then our imp!act training is for you:

At imp!act, you get together with enthusiastic young people from all over Europe. After some crazy brainstorming and team building, you develop in a team your own social or environmental project and set out to test it right away. You also have the chance to get feedback by renowned experts – all of that within only 3.5 days! Because talking about the world’s problems won’t solve them – but all your projects together might.

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