BRAIN’s Taste Cell Technology: From molecular to human perception

Wed, 13.06.2018 @18:00
in MISROCK seminar room, D-BSSE
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About the event



About the event

The human tongue consists of thousands of taste buds of which each comprises 50-100 cells making us able to distinguish the five major taste qualities: sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and umami. Their life span of only 1-2 weeks makes it difficult to study and understand the complex mechanisms of human taste. Dr. Christiane Gras will talk about BRAINS’s Taste Cell Technology and their way to measure natural responses to food ingredients. Furthermore, she will elucidate its potential to develop new taste modulators and functional food ingredients for the nutritional industry.


Following her presentations, you will have the chance to discuss more with Christiane over the networking apéro.

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