DSM – Meet and MATCH

Wed, 26.02.2020 @18:00
in Science lounge, D-BSSE
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About the event



About the event

DSM is a science-based company specialising in nutrition, health & sustainable living.

Visit: https://www.dsm.com/corporate/about/our-purpose.html

The company has its headquarter in the Netherlands, and employs about 23’000 people worldwide. In the Rheinvalley region the company has multiple sites (formerly Roche Vitamin division) focused on the nutrition sector. DSM has production processes ranging from chemical synthesis to fermentation.

DSM, formerly  involved in petrochemicals sectors, has divested heavily and invested into other sustainable and innovative areas as well as focusing on improving their environmental impact by following ambitious goals for greenhouse gas reduction, or brining new sustainable products to the market.

For our event, we are happy to welcome four DSM representatives.

Alex Karagiannis, Biostatistician at the DSM Nutrition Innovation Center

Alex earned his MSc in statistics from ETHZ, and then moved on to do a PhD in Biostatistics and epidemiology at UniBasel. He joined Uni Bern’s clinical trials unit before moving to DSM where he currently performs the statistical analyses in the Nutrition Innovation Center of DSM, in particular meta-analyses. Alex will give you an overview of his work and an example case study.


Patrizia Spoerri, Corporate Operations Analyst for Operations & Responsible Care

Patrizia is one of our own, she graduated from the Müller group in 2018 and joined DSM right away in her current position. She will give you an insight on what her new field is about, and the work/trends in big chemical operations.


Jasmine Bracher, Supply Chain Management Engineer in the Nutritional Products business group

Jasmine obtained a MSc in molecular biology from UniBasel and a PhD in biotechnology from University of Delft. She then joined DSM in the area of Supply Chain Management. You will be able to get some insights about this field as well as on her journey of transition towards this area.

Jasmine will also present this year’s MATCH program, DSM’s technical business course, which offers the opportunity to visit some of the major sites of the company in Europe. It is focused on bringing together excellent university graduates to show them DSM from within and has the explicit goal to recruit some of them for currently open positions. This program happens only every 2 years, so make sure you have a look. Both, Patrizia and Jasmine were hired from the 2018 MATCH participants.


Hiliary Rademacher, Program manager global talent acquisition

Hiliary built his career in talent acquisition and recruiting through multiple companies, he will represent the talent acquisition group from DSM and join to answer any potential questions you might have on this side of the company.


As always, the talk will be followed by a networking Apéro, where you’ll have some more time to interact with the speakers.

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