i-net & LSNB Event «Polyphor and Basilea: From R&D focused organizations towards fully integrated pharmaceutical companies»

Wed, 09.12.2015 @18:30
in Halle7
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About the event

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Besides an ever growing number of early stage biotechs, Basel is also home to some established and very successful companies that have been founded a few years ago and – unlike many of their peers – have managed to stay independent.

Two of these are Polyphor and Basilea, which have been established 1996 and 2000, respectively. They will present and also provide answers to questions such as: «How has the financing perspectives changed during the last 15-20 years?», «How to effectively manage the transition from a company focused on R&D towards an organization with own sales and marketing capabilities?», «How to balance risk within a R&D portfolio of candidates from a novel drug class targeting areas with no or no satisfactory treatment options?», «What does it mean to change the business model from CRO towards a company focused on developing (and potentially selling) its own products?» or «How has the market for antibiotics changed during the last few years?»

The event is followed by an apéro.

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