i-net Nano Technology Event «Nanomedicine – an exciting reality»

Mon, 14.03.2016 @16:00
in oberer Hörsaal Pathologie, Universitätsspital Basel
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About the event

This is a free event organized by i-net. Please register via their website until 8th of March.

Please note that the location changed from the initially announced one to Schönbeinstrasse 40, Basel.

Excerpt from the i-net event description:

i-net is starting a new set of events around Nanomedicine – to foster exchange and inspiration on a local level.

Research in nanomedicine is gaining momentum, but the biggest hurdle for most developments is the translation to medical practice – from bench to bedside. In order to specifically encourage translational nanomedicine research in the area of Northwestern Switzerland, a new series of three symposia/workshops has been set up to a) demonstrate that nanomedicine has matured and has delivered first successes in diagnostic and therapeutic applications in patients; b) discuss the technical and regulatory requirements for a successful clinical trial application (CTA); and c) present possible options how to best explore and demonstrate the benefits of nanomedicinal products in patients.

The first event, scheduled on March 14th, 2016, will present exciting examples of important recent advances that will have a significant impact on the praxis of medicine. Furthermore, the integration of nanodiagnostics, nanopharmaceuticals and targeted drug delivery will be highlighted as well.

The program includes

  • An Introduction to Nanomedicine by Prof. Dr. Kewal K. Jain, Jain Pharma Biotech, Basel
  • A talk on liposomes as biodetoxifying agents by Prof. Dr. Jean-Christoph Leroux, Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, ETH Zürich
  • A talk on CriPec Nanomedicines: Principles, preparation, preclinical evaluation and early clinical translation by Dr. Cristianne Rijcken, Cristal Therapeutics, Maastricht, NL
  • A talk on immunotherapy of type 1 diabetes using gold nanoparticles by PD Dr. Jan Mous, MRM Consulting / SialoTec, Basel

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