Organoids as tools for personalized treatments

Wed, 22.05.2019 @18:00
in Science lounge, D-BSSE
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About the event



About the event

Sun Bioscience (SB), an EPFL spin-off founded in 2016, is a bioengineering company offering cutting edge technologies such as personalized organ and disease models for scientists and medical doctors. Drugs today are designed according to the “one-for-all” principle; however, a patient’s reaction is as diverse as our population. One of the biggest challenges today is to develop and deliver personalized treatments. How can we determine the best treatment for each patient? Organoids could be an answer! Founder Nathalie has set out to bring a lasting change to our healthcare system by testing drugs directly on human organoids rather than on animals. Nathalie will talk about the journey that lead to the co-founding of SB, give us an insight on the technology they develop, and also talk about challenges faced while managing a startup.

As always, the talk will be followed by a networking Apéro,  where you’ll have some more time to talk with Nathalie.

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