Clariant’s sunliquid® process: cellulosic ethanol from agricultural residues

Mon, 11.09.2017 @18:15
in Science lounge, D-BSSE
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About the event



About the event

Dr. Ralf Hortsch, head of operations biofuels & derivatives at Clariant, will present his career and current work at Clariant in Munich. Ralf is working for the Sunliquid project and will therefore give you an insight into how straw and other agricultural waste material can be effectively transformed into fuel.

Indeed, shortage of fossil resources, energy security, climate change, environmental protection are the issues concerning us today in the energy sector. Alternative sources of energy must be found to reduce our dependence on oil and nowhere is this more evident than in the transport sector. In the European Union, the US and other major economic areas, politicians have laid down basic frameworks to promote the use of climate-friendly biofuels. Our guest Dr. Ralf Hortsch from Clariant will talk about the sunliquid process and elucidate the great challenges and future perspectives of second generation biofuel production.

He will be accompanied by Daniel Kaufmann, manager internal communications, and Anne Maier, manager of corporate & GTI communications at Clariant in Switzerland. They will both be at the networking apéro following Ralf’s talk to answer additional questions about Clariant.

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