T3 Pharmaceuticals – Toward killing cancer with bacteria

Thu, 28.09.2017 @18:15
in Science lounge, D-BSSE
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About the event



About the event

T3 Pharmaceuticals is a pre-clinical biopharmaceutical company working to advance new generation therapies for cancer patients. The company was founded in May 2015 by Simon Ittig, Christoph Kasper, Marlise Amstutz and Helmut Kessmann as a spin-off of the University of Basel. The team has developed an efficient protein delivery technology that is based on the use of live bacteria. While the technology has diverse applications in research, T3 Pharma has further developed the system to serve as a novel therapeutic to treat solid tumors.

Dr. Simon Ittig, CEO and co-founder of T3 Pharmaceuticals completed a PhD on microbial pathogenesis at the University of Basel. He started working on the T3 Pharma technology during his Post-doctoral studies at the Biozentrum. In 2015, he and his co-workers decided to develop the technology further to bring it into clinics. At the event he will talk about his company and the technology they are developing.

The idea to treat cancer by the use of live bacteria has also been taken up by this year’s ETH iGEM team. In a short talk they will present what they have in mind to deliver a drug in a controllable and safe manner to treat tumors.

The talk will be followed by an apéro where you can talk some more to Simon Ittig as well as to our ETHZ iGEM team.

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