Workshop on academic industry collaborations in the Basel Area

Thu, 03.12.2020 @17:00
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About the event

Imagine what you could achieve more easily and faster if you knew what skills and facilities are available to you. We aim to facilitate innovation collaborations in the Basel Area across life sciences and technology by fostering low-threshold opportunities for cross-disciplinary exchange. This second of a new workshop series aims to bring together companies of all sizes and researchers from the Basel academic innovation network, creating productive interfaces, joint projects and interdisciplinary collaborations to innovate faster, better.

Researchers will get access to an expanded collaboration network, potential collaborations and use-inspired research. Company scientists and executives will get access to the local academic talent pool and cutting-edge skills and technologies to jointly tackle critical challenges. Participants will get a chance to meet potential collaborators, an understanding of our regionĀ“s innovation landscape and insights into innovation opportunities.

InSphero and the D-BSSE: a case study

InSphero is a spin-off company of the D-BSSE and commercializes 3D tissue culture technologies. They collaborate frequently and closely with the lab they emerged from and have been able to translate the outcome of such a collaborative project into a successful commercial product. How do they work together and what is the key to their fruitful collaboration?

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